I was recently asked this question when I met with a business colleague interested in why we chose this name for our company. 

A great question I thought, so maybe if one person asked, I guess more people may be thinking the same.

As I pondered how to answer, it felt right to start with looking at what creates limits in our life.


Health Limits

“Health is dictated not by our genes, but by our lifestyle.”

I know what it’s like personally to develop health issues that could easily have held me back and stopped me living the life I live now. If I had ‘conformed’ to listening to traditional medicine which was happy to right me off as ‘getting on’, ‘ageing’, ‘it’s one of those things’ I’m not sure where I’d be right now. Vertically dead I suspect!

A huge percentage of chronic health issues are ‘lifestyle’ related and therefore you don’t need to become a slave to them. It is possible to manage them or even reverse them. I’m so passionate about this. I am currently involved in a charity working to help people put their diabetes into remission and reverse the impact of what could be a progressive degenerative disease. We are seeing amazing results! People are literally changing their lives and removing what has been a ‘health limit’ for years.


Physical Limits

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Disability comes to mind when I say physical limits. However, how many times do we see an athlete or soldier lose a limb, someone who’s lost their sight, or someone born with a disability go on to achieve incredible success in their life or an extreme physical challenge? In fact many motivational YouTube videos are based on exactly this group of people. What they have achieved is often mind-blowing.

This nicely brings me onto the next limit:


Limiting Beliefs

“What the mind can conceive it will achieve.”

Attitudes, thoughts, confidence, beliefs and all things ‘mind set’ is a huge topic, and there is no doubt, that what we think, feel and believe is what we will get. Learning to let go of our limiting beliefs, to see ourselves through a different lens, to start to believe in possibility and potential rather than risks and problems is a life changing skill. It’s a journey I would encourage you to go on. Simply letting go of living life with a ‘fixed mindset’ and learning to live with a ‘growth mindset’ can really set you free.

Financial Limits

Did you have huge dreams as child? Did you look forward to a life of abundance? Do you see your children dreaming big about who they will become? Most people do, only to find when we grow up and settle down, the home and family we longed for is actually just a huge financial pressure and it seems never ending.

Something happens in our twenties or thirties and we go from dreaming of a great life, to shrinking our dreams to fit our income and then accept an average life.

I’m curious, what did you dream of when you were younger, that you still wish for today? But now it’s maybe only a wish, and you bury that memory most days. What if you could be, see, do, have, share that…whatever ‘that’ is? What if it were possible? It is often said, if we want something badly enough, we will find a way.

Social Constraints

Ok, I’m not talking about basic human respectful and responsible social behaviour here, I’m talking about the increase in peer pressure to fit in, ‘be normal’.

I find it so funny that I brand myself as ‘being different’ when actually I feel quite normal. But in order for Pete and I to do and achieve what we have, we appear to have been viewed by many as being ‘different’…or worse…the lucky ones.

Well if that’s the case, I’m cool with not being normal, are you? Could you stand out and do something different? I believe this is the key to moving towards ‘living a life without limits’.

There is no ‘luck’ in what we have achieved. The life we have created has happened with an open mind, growth mindsets, learning lots, stepping out of comfort zones many times to be different, but most importantly having a strong vision and strong goals.

Finally, there is the most crippling ‘limit’ of all:


Fear is the single biggest thing that holds most people back from living their best life and being the best they can be.

But do you know what FEAR stands for?





It’s all made up in our head. It’s not real! We CAN do something about it, we CAN change fear. In fact, with a switch in a thought process we change the ‘feeling of fear’ to a ‘feeling of excitement’…those butterflies we get in our tummy? The only thing that decides whether it’s fear or excitement is our own thinking! How amazing is that?

Once we get to grips with understanding fear, we can stop worrying about ‘fitting in’, we can start to dream again about possibility and potential and then even take some steps to remove or overcome and physical, health or financial barriers that may be stopping us living the best life we can. 

So for me a ‘Life Without Limits’ is being able to live life to the best of my ability, showing up as my best self, choosing not to be held back by perceived constraints, living with a growth mindset and being the healthiest I can be.

This in turn opens up a world of possibility and potential which leads to removing all the limits and perceived limits so many of us live with every day…including financial. When we are ‘open’ we see opportunities, we view the world differently and stop looking for the reasons why we can’t, and live with an attitude of ‘why not’.

Now not everyone is interested in or had a desire to live a Life Without Limits, in fact the person who asked me the question said that they don’t think they would. They liked ‘limits’…now isn’t that interesting?

So where are you?

How do you want to live your life?

Can we help? WE believe we have created a Life Without Limits for ourselves…and we can show you how to too. Find out more here!