Have you ever experienced the power of setting intentions?

Intention is simply having clarity about why you are doing something and what you would like to see happen as a result.

Just reflect for a moment on when you have set out to achieve something and you achieved it, with ease and inflow. Did you have clarity in your mind? Did you have quiet and unassuming confidence with unwavering belief? Did you simply know?

We sometimes get so wrapped up in setting goals, with clear targets and outcome measures, that we block creativity and flow. We then start to worry that we can’t get to where we are heading or worse still try to ‘control’.

The universe we live in doesn’t like control. It responds to belief, to vision, to clarity and to intention. I’ve learnt this the hard way many times over. Each time, when I get too hung up on the process, measurement and outcomes the only result is a stressed-out me, muscle aches, tension, interrupted sleep and a negative head!

I recently went away for a special dream holiday. I was very stressed, physically and emotionally, before I went. I was exhausted. This was a phrase I used every day for about two weeks before I went away. However, I was also clear that the holiday would be just that, a holiday. I would sign out of social media and email, disconnect with work and immerse myself in time out.

My intention – to ‘reset’! That’s all simply ‘reset’. I didn’t decide what needed resetting, I could have done, but I knew to reset I needed nature to decide what and how. I simply knew why, and that was enough.

By the time I came home, I had achieved just that. However, it took nearly the full two weeks. But I didn’t judge or question it. I simply took each day at a time and listened to my body.

  • If I needed to sleep, I slept.
  • If I needed to eat, I ate. But if I wasn’t hungry I didn’t.
  • Yes, I drank alcohol, but only when I felt it was right, and only the type that served me.
  • I read, both novels and personal development books. The latter learnings I gently reflected on but didn’t force any thoughts.
  • I exercised daily, listening to what my body needed.
  • I had 2 amazing holistic massages that were designed for a physical reset. On those days, I ate well and didn’t drink. I slept a lot and allowed the healing to happen.
  • I swam, walked on the beach, played on paddleboards, canoes and hobby cats. I belly laughed when I fell off and didn’t care how silly I looked.
  • I spent a lot of time loving and being loved. Loving my husband, appreciating him and all of the things I love about him. I was loved and appreciated too.

The result:

I came home with more clarity and belief about me, my business, my life and the year ahead than I’ve had for a while.

More clarity about my values, my purpose, my mission and my ‘why’.

More importantly, I was reminded that setting intentions is a profound way to live a fulfilled and happy life. I have experienced the effect too many times to simply not do it.

I’m all about being different and making a difference. So let’s make a difference, let go of control, let go of needing goals and measures of outcome. Let’s together set some ‘intentions’ with feeling and belief and see where the journey takes us. If nothing else, it will be an adventure. A Life Without Limits perhaps.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences if you are open to sharing – you never know, you might just inspire someone to think differently about their life too.

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