How do you know your health may be in decline? How do you know it’s time to do something different? 

Our body is very clever. It is designed for one thing and one thing only – survival! That means we have hundreds of thousands of automatic processes going on every moment of every day to keep it in balance. In other words, all systems functioning and functioning together.

We call this Homeostasis. The true definition of homeostasis is: “the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.”

Now, this is why as Holistic Health Coaches we know that we shouldn’t just focus on symptoms but on identifying the cause of those symptoms. The symptom you are experiencing has likely occurred as a result of the body TRYING, usually for a VERY LONG time, to correct the imbalance. 

These are the five most significant symptoms to take notice of:

– Any Gut Health Issue

– Any Musculo-Skeletal Issue (muscles and joints)

– Unexplained weight change 

– Mood Fluctuations, Overwhelm, Anxiety

– Sleep Issues

Why these warning signs? 

The warning signs won’t stop you functioning, so they won’t significantly affect your day-to-day. It is the body just simply asking you to ‘listen’ to it. To take note that something isn’t right, it’s not totally happy and it would like you to help. It can no longer deal with the issue on its own, it needs YOU to CHANGE something. 

But far too often, we ignore these first symptoms – and when we do that it may give us another symptom.

For example, here’s what happened to me, and I often see a similar pattern as the most common starting point in my clients:

I suffered from back pain for years. I always put it down to having an injury as a nurse, and all those years of ‘lifting’ patients. So I ignored it – it didn’t stop me. I just got on with life the best I could. I exercised, was a pretty heavy gym goer, but if I kept my core strong and just kept going it was OK.

Then, a few years later I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I spent years learning how to manage it and to avoid eating certain things; to work on my head (by this time I was quite stressed in my work). Yet again, I didn’t really get anywhere – everything was really about managing the symptoms, not the cause.

Then one day, about 8 years ago, I was hoovering the house and my back ‘went’ completely. (You know that feeling when you think you’ve ruptured a disc? That pain that absolutely stops you in your tracks and you and you cant actually physically move?)

This was the body at work. It had warned me and warned me again. It warned me every day for years that something I was doing was not not ‘serving me’. My homeostasis was out of balance. Yet I did what most people would do – I put a sticking plaster over the wound and hoped it would go away.

I also did what many of us do every day – I went to the doctors and had lots of blood tests and investigations for them to tell me there was nothing wrong. Yet they would offer to prescribe me some anti-depressants! I wonder how many people on a day to day basis this is also happening to.

Why do they do this? This is my theory:

In medicine, they are trained to work within the parameters of DISEASE. In order to diagnose a disease or condition they need markers, they need a measurement point. 

If you look at the scale below you will see that at one end, we have Optimal Health, at the other we have disease or ill health. The NHS doesn’t work in the ‘in-between’ areas, and the areas I call SUB-OPTIMAL. They don’t recognise it. To them it is back and white (or has been, until recent years) 

Luckily for me, I was already on a journey of taking back control of my own health. I already knew I didn’t want pills to make me better. I had simply gone to the doctors to rule anything serious out. I had a huge number of tools and information at my disposal, but I wasn’t applying them all to myself. 

It’s not easy in a busy life, it’s easier to let other things take priority. We need to unlearn some old habits, relearn some new ones and we need to learn to say ‘no’ and be kinder to ourselves. Change isn’t easy, but throughout life often necessary, especially if we want to live our life, healthy, happy and the best versions of ourselves. 

What warning signs is your body giving you right now?

What are you doing to find and manage the ‘root’ cause?

Do you need help to identify and make those all important changes? It’s a minefield out there as to where to start and what to do. That’s where either Peter or myself can help.

Contact us for a FREE consultation and to find out if we can help set you off on the right journey to re-dressing the balance of your health.