Humans, like most mammals, sleep for approximately a third of their life. In other words an 82 year old will have slept on average for 27 years!! Given how much time we invest in sleep, it is surprising how little time is spent prioritising it. The health impact of poor sleep is greater than most people realise. Poor sleep, both quality and quantity, can affect our health in a number of ways: our weight, our
nutrition overload
Over recent years, nutritional advice has been an increasingly popular topic for lifestyle media articles and posts in newspapers, magazines and on social media. Even bestselling book stands are full of titles promoting the secrets of optimal nutrition for better health. We have more knowledge at our disposal but equally more confusion due to conflicting information. Do we go low carb or low fat, keto or paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, Atkins? The potential choices seem
health in decline
How do you know your health may be in decline? How do you know it’s time to do something different?  Our body is very clever. It is designed for one thing and one thing only – survival! That means we have hundreds of thousands of automatic processes going on every moment of every day to keep it in balance. In other words, all systems functioning and functioning together. We call this Homeostasis. The true definition
health is a journey
So it was just over 10 years ago that I found myself, not realising at the time, heading into a decline with my health. I was in my late thirties. It started by simply starting to gain weight for no reason at all – or so I thought! I had always been relatively fit, I could climb mountains, cycle long distances, run, I was strong due to a number of years of weight training, I