Read Episode 1 here Whilst the Clipper seed had most definitely been planted, it was struggling to take root. Over the following 6 months, I would continually drop the idea into my conversation with Nicki who was very supportive. Most of these conversations would, however, end with me outlining the reasons why it wouldn’t work – the impracticalities, the burden of career & family responsibilities etc. I became quite creative with my list of excuses,
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Have you ever experienced the power of setting intentions? Intention is simply having clarity about why you are doing something and what you would like to see happen as a result. Just reflect for a moment on when you have set out to achieve something and you achieved it, with ease and inflow. Did you have clarity in your mind? Did you have quiet and unassuming confidence with unwavering belief? Did you simply know? We
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As we move into the second half of 2019, the countdown has started. No, not the number of shopping days until Christmas or until we leave the European Union (whenever that may be!), but the countdown to my big trip – leg 1 of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Yikes!  The race starts on 1 September from Saint Katharine’s Dock, London and pits 11 identical 70 foot racing yachts, each with a professional
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Not simply a nutritional therapist, wellness coach, personal trainer, mindset coach, or an energy coach, but in fact a mixture of all of these roles. The key word is holistic. It means that we have the training and the skills to take a 360 approach to individuals’ health and wellness. To look at the full picture. To join the dots and make the links. To look for root causes. To create balance, but more importantly
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How many times do we pretend to be OK when we really are not? To put on a brave face, keep going, saying yes when we really mean no, feeling more exhausted mentally and physically, because we think we should.  At these times, when we are mentally and emotionally not coping, we carry on, because physically we can. Our body and mind are programmed to keep going, to do what it takes, to survive. We