It’s madness, surely? Be grateful for 2020 – the year of COVID, of viral pandemic, illness, loss, global restrictions, personal disappointments, financial hardship. In the words of John McEnroe “You cannot be serious!!” But what if we could? What if it wasn’t all doom & gloom? What if we were able to find a few slivers of appreciation within the challenges that we have all endured? How would we then feel about last year and
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Taking care of yourself this winter has never been more important. As the second lockdown comes to an end, take some more time to stay fit and healthy, and you’ll feel so much more energised. Keeping Your Energy Levels Up After Lockdown Feed yourself the right fuel Being stuck at home means it can be too easy to slip into bad habits. Many of us are most likely eating a bit more and moving a
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During this time of national crisis, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many key workers in many industries – health & social care, transport, retail, emergency services, council workers to name but a few – who are working hard to keep us well supplied, safe & secure. And we the public must do our bit too. Staying at home & social distancing when outdoors, will reduce our exposure to the Corona virus, but
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The rest of our Atlantic crossing was relatively uneventful by comparison – well almost!! Early morning (02.35 hours to be precise) on 1st October, we officially welcomed a new day of a new month by crossing into a new hemisphere. Yes, we crossed the equator into the Southern Hemisphere. Now we had to wait for the court of King Neptune to be summoned & see if the Pollywogs (those slimy sailors who had never sailed
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Right now, there’s very little advice and discussion coming from the government and NHS about how we as humans can promote our own health and wellbeing, and so develop our natural defence mechanisms in the current time of this coronavirus pandemic. We believe the real challenge we face as humans fighting this pandemic, is how physically and emotionally resilient we are in the 21st-century. My passion is helping people understand how their body works and
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