There is a plethora of increasing evidence around the link between gut health and general health, and how poor gut health is an increasing problem across developed countries. A diet high in processed food and refined sugar, along with the stressful lives we live in the 21st century, are some of the factors that play a role negatively affecting our internal environment, the digestive system. Eating real, not processed food, low in refined sugar, helps
Did you know that we spent approximately a third of our life asleep? In other words, an 82-year-old will have slept on average for 27 years!! Given how much time we invest in sleep, it is surprising how little time is spent prioritising it. Yet having enough good quality sleep is central to living our best life possible – whether that’s our performance at work, being in a good mood with the family, or being
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There’s can be no doubt about it. It’s something we’ve all heard, & read, about for some time, but due to the COVID pandemic, it’s as if we’ve seen it with real clarity for the first time – our National Health Service is in crisis. In truth, of course, the NHS has been teetering on the edge for a long time – barely held together by the hard work & goodwill of the staff. The
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2020 was a difficult and challenging year for almost everyone. Even those with the strongest of mindsets faced challenges they never expected, I know I certainly did. When reflecting back on the year, one thing I am truly grateful for, is the learning opportunity 2020 provided. The recognition that if we give ourselves a chance, we can usually always find opportunity in the face of adversity. This blog shares my reflections on 2020, and the
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It’s madness, surely? Be grateful for 2020 – the year of COVID, of viral pandemic, illness, loss, global restrictions, personal disappointments, financial hardship. In the words of John McEnroe “You cannot be serious!!” But what if we could? What if it wasn’t all doom & gloom? What if we were able to find a few slivers of appreciation within the challenges that we have all endured? How would we then feel about last year and
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