With 3 weeks training under my belt, I was getting an idea of the kit and clothes I would need (and who doesn’t love more kit!) as well as the practicalities of packing. Storage space on the yacht is limited and more weight means less speed, and this is a race after all. So, we needed to learn to pack light & efficiently – not easy when the sailing outer waterproofs, jackets, boots and sleeping
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Having invested the time at the end of 2017 to sort out my head, my priorities and find the balance between a personal adventure and the realities of family and work life, I was excited with my new personal Clipper plan. Rather than spending 11 moths sailing around the world, I would sail three of the longer legs – 1, 6 and 7, which would give me everything I hoped to experience and in total
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It’s not unfair to say that after witnessing the start of the 2017-18 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and being on the Mersey shoreline as the teams left Liverpool for their circumnavigation adventure, I became obsessed with following the race. I would check the Clipper website each morning to see how the yacht positions were changing, taking note of the various tactics – who was leading, who had fallen back, who had broken away
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Modern technology has to be a good thing, right? The benefits to information retrieval, storage and sharing, speed of communication, transport (both vehicles and infrastructure) entertainment and medicine are surely pretty obvious. Yet it’s only recently that we started to consider the negative impact of our digital revolution – cyber bullying, internet misinformation, data security, social isolation, electro-magnetic radiation and the alarming rise in sedentary lifestyles. We seem to be striving for a society of
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  The second half of 2015, following the sudden death of my Dad, was a hectic, grief laden time. My two sisters and myself did our best to continue with our own work and family commitments whilst taking time off to be with mum and of course dealing with our own feelings of sadness and loss. It was therefore a welcome reprieve when Clipper agreed to defer my crew application to the 2019-20 race. Planning
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